• Development Architect at Softeam: contractor at CACEIS Paris

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  • Paris, France

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  • shell
  • artifactory
  • jenkins
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  • windows
  • objective-c
  • ruby
  • python

Recommended Reading

Eiffel : The Language (Prentice Hall Object-Oriented Series)

by Bertrand Meyer

This is where I come from. I was introduced to OOP with Eiffel, back in 1991!

Programming in Scala: A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide, 2nd Edition

by Martin Odersky, Lex Spoon, Bill Venners

I am learning Scala, both through this book, and by answering Scala questions on SO.

Pro Git (Expert's Voice in Software Development)

by Chacon

I literary learned about DVCS and Git through Stack Overflow, by answering many questions on Git.This book helped me to consolidate the notions I was using in my SO answers, and to illustrate them efficiently (like this filter manager answer).